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How To Add a Subtitle For Your Blog Title In Blogger

In this article I have made a tutorial on How To Add a Subtitle For Your Blog Title In Blogger.


Hello Guys! Welcome back to Techy DarshaN. Today on this occasion out tutorial is How To Add a Subtitle For Your Blog Title In Blogger

You might have been already see in the latest iMgaz and Fletro pro templates there is a small subtitle which appears just beside the Blog Title but this subtitle is not available in other template like Median UI etc.. But have you ever wonder How to add this Subtitle in any other blogger templates? To know it read full article and follow al steps carefully.

You can add this any Blogger template but the main thing is to paste the codes in the correct place.

Lets Begin!

Step 1: Go and login to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2: In Blogger Dashboard, Go to Themes section 

Step 3: Now click on the drop down icon just beside the 'Customize' button

Step 4: Click on 'Edit HTML', now you'll be redirected to the editing page
Step 5: Search for ]]></b:skin>  and paste the following CSS Just above it

Make sure that .Header CSS class name matches with your theme header class name

   .headerSub{margin-left:5px;font-family:var(--font-body);font-weight:400;font-size:11px;white-space:nowrap;text-overflow:ellipsis;overflow:hidden;max-width:50px;vertical-align:middle;opacity:.6;flex-shrink:0}.Header .headerSub:before{content: attr(data-text)}
Step 6: Now click on 'Jump to Widget' widget and Choose Header section as shown in below image

Step 7: Now find <data:title/> in your Header section

Step 8: Now paste the following code just beside the <data:title/> as shown in below image
 <span class='headerSub' data-text='Blog'/> 
Step 9: That's it! Now click on save theme by clicking this icon

How to add different Subtitles in Blog posts and pages?

Copy the below CSS Codes and add it in your Post by switching to HTML View
  .Header .headerSub{max-width:none}
  .Header .headerSub:before{content:"About"}


In this article I have made a tutorial on How To Add a Subtitle For Your Blog Title In Blogger. I Hope you have liked this article and please do share with your friends and follow up blog for more.

If you face any problems in code or have any questions please feel free to ask in comments section or join our Telegram Group for discussion.

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